Monday, 28 February 2011

Morning Projects: Update Three

In the mornings of last week I was working on a freebie sampler that I found via this link here (ooh it worked!!!!).  I loved the simplicity but the effectiveness of this pattern and it looks quite striking sewn up on the hand-dyed fabric that I chose:


Name:  Cross Stitch Sampler
Material:  Strawberry Sorbet (from The Crafty Kitten), 28ct evenweave
Threads:  Six-stranded regular DMC cotton
Dimensions:  50 stitches wide x 60 stitches high
Designer:  Marika Belfiori

SEBA Designs SAL 2011: Update Two and FINISH

So I have finished the SEBA Designs SAL for 2011, my first larger finish of 2011!!!  I really love this piece, it has been wonderful to stitch.  The colours are so bright and cheerful (especially good during the miserable weather we had here last week). It has been a quick stitch but the effect is stunning, the design is so intricate:

Monday, 21 February 2011

HAED Christmas Tree and Animals: Update Three

Since page two only consisted of the top half of the deer on the left hand side of the tree, I decided to do the page on the other side of the tree as well before moving on.  I am still not sure whether I am happy or not with this one.  Under the deer there is a large patch of cream coloured floss that I don't think should be there yet the pattern calls for.  I will have to reserve judgement until it is completed and the photo makes it look much better than in real life.  I am however excited for this to come around again because as can be seen on the right hand side of the tree there is the beginnings of a fox that I am looking forward to stitching:

Fractal Bookmark 268: Update Two

The second page was unbelievably quick to stitch up.  Although the page was not a full one and only a quarter of the size of the first page it didn't have its incessant confetti.  Therefore I finished it relatively quickly.  I still am loving how this is turning out, it is so different from anything I have stitched before:

Whale and Dolphin Sampler: Update One

This is the last in my rotation and was a freebie from the internet.  It consists of a variety of sea creatures and I have split it into four sections.  It is quite fast to stitch up so makes a change from the harder pieces I am working on.  I initially started on light blue evenweave but it didn't look right with the pale blue border so I changed it to white fabric.


Material:  28 count white evenweave
Threads:  DMC regular cotton

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Morning Projects: Update Two

I finally got the threads to finish the Brrrrr Snowman.  I had really good service from a seller on ebay and the cottons arrived the very next day so I could finish it up quickly.  In fact it was finished very quickly because it was big blocks of colour, only approximately five hours. Here it is:

Whilst I was waiting for the threads to arrive I finished up this small design, it only took a couple of mornings (1 hour a day) and is really cute!!!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wizard: Update One

This has been a real quick stitch.  There are no real pages per se with this design but I am splitting it into five sections, four cross stitch sections and then metallics, beads and backstitch.  The first update is therefore of the first cross/half stitch section.  Part of the reason this was so quick to stitch is that most of this section is half stitch but I am really excited about this project it looks really good so far.  I also have a photo of what it will look like finished:


Material:  28 count cream evenweave
Threads:  DMC regular cotton
Designer:  from Cross Stitch Crazy

SEBA Designs 2011 SAL: Update 1

So after finishing the first page of my HAED I moved on to the next project in my rotation which was the SEBA Designs 2011 SAL.  What a delight it is to stitch this after the intricacy of the HAED.  In contrast the three parts that had been released up to the point I started stitched up in a couple of days rather than the month it took me to do the HAED page.  It is also a relief to use some brighter colours and I LOVE how it is turning out:


Material:  28 count purple evenweave
Cottons:  DMC regular cotton
Designer:  Banu Demirel from

HAED Christmas Tree and Animals: Update Two

Wow, so I have finished my first page on this project.  It took FOREVER to complete for almost every stitch was a different colour.  On reflection I am pleased with how it is turning out, I love the subtle colouring of the tree and the bird looks good.  However the colour might be a little too subtle if that makes sense.  The animals are hardly recognisable in the flesh despite the fact that they have come up sharper in the photograph.  I am hoping that as the picture progresses that the animals will be more distinct.  I am therefore excited for this to come back up in the rotation: