Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So I decided to restart my blog because I had neglected it for so long. I have a plan for my sewing till the end of 2011 to not buy any more kits or charts till I have completed a good selection of the ones I have. I can therefore focus my addiction on augmenting my fabric and thread collection. I am going to work on a rotation system of projects completing one section or page of a project at a time before moving onto the next. The projects I have kitted up to work on are:

1)Fractal Bookmark: freebie number 268 from Cross Stitch Collectibles
2)Christmas Tree and Animals: freebie from HAED website
 3) SEBA Designs 2011 SAL
4)Wizard: a design from an old issue of Cross Stitch Crazy
5)Whale and Dolphin Sampler:  internet freebie

I will aim to work on these six days a week reserving Fridays to work on stitching for other people such as cards etc. I also stitch for an hour early every morning, usually small designs. I am going to update this blog when I have completed a section of each project or when I have finished a morning project. Happy stitching, Donna.

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