Monday, 10 January 2011

Great News!!!

My sister and her partner are getting married!!!  He proposed to her last week on a surprise trip to a idyllic barn in Chichester.  They have been together for a long time and my sister is really happy.  To celebrate this I decided to make an engagement card.  On the cross stitch forum I frequent (, one of the contributors has a great site of her own designs (  Her designs are fantastic but the card I picked her love band sampler, making the small addition of adding the names and date (of the engagement).  Here is a picture of it completed.  I just need to decide how to put together the card:


Material:  16 count pale pink aida
Cottons:  DMC regular cotton, numbers 963 and 600
Size: 49w x 83h
Designer: Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Morning Projects: Update One

Every morning before I get up I sew for an hour in bed. I usually pick small designs that don't require a lot of concentration or brainpower (I am not a morning person!!!). I have run out of colours for this design but I still thought I would post a 'so far' progress piccy.


Material: 14 count navy blue aida
Cottons: DMC regular cotton

HAED Christmas Tree and Animals: Update One

Here is the first update from the middle page of the middle row of HAED Christmas Tree and Animals. Like the Fractal Bookmark this design is confetti heavy but the detail in the tree is incredible. Despite the endless 'drab brown' colour shades it requires I think this is going to be a lovely project too.


Material: 28 count evenweave in white
Cottons: DMC regular cotton

Fractal Bookmark 268: Update One

So I have completed the first page of Fractal Bookmark 268. Despite the incessant confetti and the consequently messy back, I am loving how this design is turning out. It is really detailed and the overall effect from a distance is amazing:


Material: pale blue 14 count aida
Threads: DMC regular six-stranded cotton


So I decided to restart my blog because I had neglected it for so long. I have a plan for my sewing till the end of 2011 to not buy any more kits or charts till I have completed a good selection of the ones I have. I can therefore focus my addiction on augmenting my fabric and thread collection. I am going to work on a rotation system of projects completing one section or page of a project at a time before moving onto the next. The projects I have kitted up to work on are:

1)Fractal Bookmark: freebie number 268 from Cross Stitch Collectibles
2)Christmas Tree and Animals: freebie from HAED website
 3) SEBA Designs 2011 SAL
4)Wizard: a design from an old issue of Cross Stitch Crazy
5)Whale and Dolphin Sampler:  internet freebie

I will aim to work on these six days a week reserving Fridays to work on stitching for other people such as cards etc. I also stitch for an hour early every morning, usually small designs. I am going to update this blog when I have completed a section of each project or when I have finished a morning project. Happy stitching, Donna.